About A Part-Time Expat (aparttimeexpat.com)

21363086_10214300556611839_1032312617_nPerhaps you are one of the many people who long for overseas experience, but don’t want to leave their present life behind completely. A Part-Time Expat will show you how to do it.

Join us for resources, information, encouragement, experience, and inspiration as you navigate the decisions and processes of finding and enjoying a very special place abroad.

21442038_10214300555771818_832678743_nI am eager to share all of that with you as you consider or navigate living overseas part-time.   I am excited that you are joining me on this adventure.

Welcome to A Part-Time Expat … and a new way of life.

About the Founder of A Part-Time Expat

facebook profile. croppedMy name is Paul Maxfield, and I am passionate about enjoying a healthy lifestyle that includes overseas living, wherever that might be. There are just so many cultures to enjoy and people to meet all over the world. I like the option of enjoying more than just my home culture.

I am a citizen of the United States by birth, but I have spent a good deal of my life as an expat (someone who lives in a country other than their own). I’ve spent 14 years abroad, working in the field of international education in Honduras, The Cayman Islands, and Costa Rica.

I hold a Ph.D. degree in International Education.  One of the most enjoyable things I’ve done is serve as the director of Families in  International Transition (F.I.T.), a consultancy for families living an internationally mobile lifestyle.  In this role, I presented workshops and seminars at international conferences focused on living overseas, international education, and raising children overseas.  I have also been a free-lance writer for International Living.

21469609_10214300307565613_28150270_nMy wife, Brenda, and I have gone through all the excitement and anticipation of moving to three different countries.  We’ve experienced the surprises and, yes, disappointments, as things were not exactly as we expected them to be; and we have discovered the deep joys and satisfactions that new experiences, new ways of doing things, new perspectives, and new interests have brought to our lives as we’ve lived overseas.

Presently, my wife and I spend most of our time in Costa Rica, but still split our time between Costa Rica and the U. S. (where our grandkids are). My wife works remotely full-time as a writer (www.ticahousepublishing.com), and I teach English online and work as an editor and audio book producer, all part-time.  When we originally returned to the U. S. after 14 years abroad, that special something about living overseas was missing. I have found the life of a part-time expat to be a great way to enjoy that lifestyle and still maintain my life at “home.”

21397317_10214300380567438_1776438407_n.jpgI have extensive travel experience aside from living as an expat. For 14 years, I have been the executive director of an international child sponsorship program that serves children in need in 30 countries. I have repeatedly traveled to all those countries in addition to traveling personally with my wife and family to 24 other countries, for a total of 56.

21442255_10214300558731892_683098440_nI’ve led many groups on overseas trips, and I’ve learned how to travel well, travel light, and travel with adventure and joy.

So thank you for visiting aparttimeexpat.com.  And speaking of trips, I’m glad you’re joining me on this trip to a new life -– let’s enjoy the ride.