My wife and I have lived as full-time and part-time expats for a total of nineteen years, residing Honduras, The Cayman Islands, and Costa Rica, in addition to our home country, The United States. One of the questions we have been asked many times is “Why would you want to live in another country?”

Some have asked it out of curiosity. Some have asked it in an incredulous tone, as if to say, “What are you thinking? Why would you want to live somewhere else?” And some have asked it because they are thinking of living overseas themselves.

In Straddling Two Worlds, you will meet twenty different individuals or couples who straddle two different worlds. Most live with one foot in their home country, and one foot in their another country. Some have chosen to select two new countries, and straddle those.

There are many reasons why people embark upon a part-time expatriate lifestyle. As you read the experiences of part-time expats in this book, perhaps you will recognize some underlying reasons that make sense to you. These are all real people, living real lives, in at least two places—as a lifestyle choice. They straddle two worlds.