Celebrating 45 Years – in Medellin

Brenda and I are celebrating 45 years of marriage this year, and we decided to do so by visiting Medellin, Colombia. When we were young and newly married, we would not have considered going to Medellin, Colombia. It was rife with violence between drug cartels, government forces, paramilitary forces, and individual citizens caught in the… Continue reading Celebrating 45 Years – in Medellin

From Ellen as she is reading When Far Away Is Home:

"I am almost done! I love it! I can hear you and Brenda talking during all of it and explaining it." Kindle and print copy versions available here: https://mybook.to/farawayishome Until next time, This Is Paul, A Part-Time Expat turned Full-Time I hope you’ll hit “Like” and follow my blog.  You’ll receive notices each time a… Continue reading From Ellen as she is reading When Far Away Is Home:

Morning Walks in Central America

There is something unusual and appealing about being outside early in the morning in Central America. For a number of years now, we have made it a practice to take a morning walk; (or bike ride) between 5:30 and 6:00 am each day. Most of those walks have been in Costa Rica, where we live;… Continue reading Morning Walks in Central America

My Medical Care Experiences in Costa Rica

As people think about living in another country, some of the first questions people ask are . . . "What about medical care abroad?" "Will I be able to have the care, latest modalities, medications, etc., that I need?" And if you are interested specifically in Costa Rica, you may ask . . . "Can… Continue reading My Medical Care Experiences in Costa Rica

Quinta Vista Verde

Those readers who who followed my blog will be familiar with our rural property in the area around Volcan Turrialba in Cartago province in Costa Rica. Some time ago, we decided to name our place Quinta Vista Verde. In Costa Rica, a "quinta" is a rural property that is at least 5,000 square meters in… Continue reading Quinta Vista Verde

What’s a Rancho?

If you put the word "rancho" in a translator app, you will probably see that the word is translated as "ranch" in English. But when I say we now have a "rancho," I don't mean we have a ranch. As is true in each culture, there are words that the local culture has given special… Continue reading What’s a Rancho?

Tiles to Table

Some of you may recall that back in November of 2019, I shared a post about sea tiles that I had found on the beach. In those days, I was focused on finding sea glass; however, beautiful pieces of colored tile kept showing up on the beach as I searched for glass. I began picking… Continue reading Tiles to Table

Having a Baby Overseas (Part Two)

This is the second part of a two-part series on our son and daughter-in-law's experience of having their first child in Costa Rica. If you haven't read Part One (previous post), I suggest you do that, as it will make Part Two more clear. In the weeks preceding Emily's birth, our daughter, Bethany, and her… Continue reading Having a Baby Overseas (Part Two)

Costa Rica’s Best: The People

It's pretty clear that I am bullish on living overseas, at least part-time.  For those with the intercultural or travel bug, interacting with the local people of a country is one of the most satisfying aspects of being overseas.  When you live in a country for an extended period of time, you get to know… Continue reading Costa Rica’s Best: The People

Humans Away, Animals Play

With the recent Covid-19 lock down and restrictions in Costa Rica, we have seen a resurgence of wildlife in town. With the tourists gone, the animals have come out to play. It's like the word spread quickly, "The human hordes are gone.  Come on out." And come out, they have. The last few weeks we… Continue reading Humans Away, Animals Play