It’s Getting Closer

Many of my readers know that my wife and I have been on a several-years plan to eventually split our time between Indiana and Costa Rica, thus being "part-time expats."  We think of ourselves that way now because we  already spend a lot of time in Costa Rica. But the real transition will take place… Continue reading It’s Getting Closer

Fes or Fez? Who Knows? Either Way, It’s Great.

During our visit with our part-time expat son and daughter-in-law in Spain, we hopped a plane and spent a weekend in Morocco.  An earlier post shared our experiences in The Blue City (Chefchaouen).  Here I'd like to share some photos of Fez or Fes, Morocco.  I've tried to research the correct spelling because I see… Continue reading Fes or Fez? Who Knows? Either Way, It’s Great.

Minimizing, Downsizing, and Discarding

Marie Kondo and her method of decluttering and tidying up have taken the world by storm. Her new series on Netflix is all the buzz, and people are asking themselves if their clothes, books, sports equipment, and knick knacs are sparking joy.....(If you've read her books or seen her videos, you've probably asked yourself the… Continue reading Minimizing, Downsizing, and Discarding

The Blue City – A Bucket List Trip (Chefchaouen, Morocco)

A few years ago, a friend in Costa Rica went on an extensive trip with her family through Europe and northern Africa.  She posted photos and information on the "The Blue City" on Facebook (Thank you, Marta Herrera).  Ever since reading her post, I have had Chefchaouen, Morocco, on my bucket list.  It just looked… Continue reading The Blue City – A Bucket List Trip (Chefchaouen, Morocco)

Enjoying Spain

I’m sitting in an apartment overlooking the city of Valencia, Spain.  It is beautiful.  The city is alive, the sun is shining, and life in Spain is good. My son and daughter-in-law are spending three months being part-time expats in Spain.  They’ve traveled around the Andalusia region of Spain,, and now have settled in Valencia… Continue reading Enjoying Spain

This Is Why!

People often ask my wife and me, "Why do you want to live part-time in Costa Rica?"  We usually share several reasons that have prompted us to make the decision.  But, today if someone asks me, I will say, "This is why!"  And I'll show them these two photos. The photo on the left is… Continue reading This Is Why!

Help Is On the Way!

I am writing this from the beautiful Pacific beach town of Jaco, Costa Rica.  I just love this place.  For my wife and me, it has just the right combination of beach, Costa Rican culture, warm weather, friendly people, great food, available amenities, and reasonable cost of living.  More and more part-time and full-time expats… Continue reading Help Is On the Way!

The World Is Full of Interesting Places for Part-Timers: Asia

Choosing a place to live part-time overseas is easy for some, more challenging for others.  Some folks visit a place perhaps on vacation, and they know immediately.  They want to live there.  They need to live there.  They will be back to make the country and culture a permanent part of their lives as part-timers.… Continue reading The World Is Full of Interesting Places for Part-Timers: Asia

The World is Full of Interesting Places for Part-Timers: Latin America/The Caribbean

Recently, my family and I explored Vietnam and Bali, Indonesia.  We were in Asia because our son was getting married in Bali.  We took an extra week and explored the southern part of Vietnam also.  Both countries were such interesting and beautiful places.  The people were wonderful. Everywhere we went, we ran into expats living… Continue reading The World is Full of Interesting Places for Part-Timers: Latin America/The Caribbean

The Vibrations of a Place

I’ve been on a trip….. And that’s why I haven’t written for a while.  The trip was work-related for the first three weeks, and it was intense, but wonderful.  My attention needed to be onsite with me in The Philippines, India, and Myanmar. Now, I’m taking some vacation time with my family in Vietnam and… Continue reading The Vibrations of a Place