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Are you interested in living part-time in another country?

Have you ever wondered what that might be like?

Have you secretly dreamed of living somewhere different or exotic?

I am excited to announce the publication of my new book, Straddling Two Worlds.  Within its pages, you will meet twenty different individuals or couples who straddle two different worlds. Most live with one foot in their home country, and one foot in their another country. Some have chosen to select two new countries, and straddle those. They share their stories, their challenges, and their joys as they live in two countries.  They talk of every day life, of adjusting, of exploring, of meeting new friends, of food experiences, and of learning a new language.

As you read the experiences of part-time expats in this book, perhaps you will recognize some underlying reasons for living part-time in another country that make sense to you. These are all real people, living real lives, in at least two places—as a lifestyle choice. They straddle two worlds.

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