What and Why: Part-Time Expat Living (Part 5: Online Businesses and Location Independence)

My Wife’s Office:  Jaco, Costa Rica

For several years now, my wife has worked full-time as a writer.  She is what is now called “location independent.”  She can work from anywhere in the world where there is good internet.  Her work life goes on whether she is enjoying the beach view in Costa Rica, overlooking a medieval street in Seville, Spain; or enjoying pomolo on side street café in Bangkok.  She can still work. No matter where she is.

And many other folks are finding the digital nomad lifestyle to their liking.  They have either created their own online businesses, or they work online for someone else in situations where their physical presence is not necessary in order to complete the work that needs to be done.

My Wife’s Office:  Seville, Spain

If you work online or have a business that could operate solely online, you are a good candidate for a part-time expat lifestyle, as we do, spending ½ our time in the US and ½ our time in Costa Rica.

We have neighbors in our condo community in Costa Rica who both work on their front patio every day. They enjoy the birds, the sounds, the nice weather, and the quiet of our shared corner spot in the complex.  They work hard.  And all their work is done online.

My Wife’s Office:  Barcelona, Spain

If this appeals to you, you might consider some of these questions:

If you’re working for an employer, could some of your responsibilities be done remotely?

Could you work independently from your boss or office for a month, six weeks, two months?

Could it become part of your work pattern?

This idea would also afford you the opportunity to try a country out, see if you enjoy living there, face some challenges and see how you fare.

My Wife’s Office:  Alexandria, Egypt

Some people choose to be part-time expats because they can.  Their work style affords them the privilege of pursuing the lifestyle they enjoy.

Two more offices:  Indiana (left) and Plaza de Espana, Seville, Spain


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  1. And I must admit, that I LOVE it! I just got back from Washington State to visit my mom and sisters. I set up a TV tray in my bedroom and got my work done during the early morning and late evenings. The rest of the day: Family Time! xoxox

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