What and Why: Part-Time Expat Living (Part 7: Travel … with Roots)

There are many people who spend a lot of time traveling, seeing places, experiencing new cultures.  And many of them spend several months or as much as ½ year traveling; but it is a constant moving in, moving out, and moving on.  While it’s fun to see many different places, the constant change can become tiring and exhausting.

Chelyabinsk, Russia

So, many people choose to have that “other” experience in one place where they can set down some roots, learn a culture in depth, make friends they can reunite with each year, and feel that they truly have a second home.  They like the stability of going to the same place each year; of getting to know the  locals; of learning the language.

The Big Guys, Tarcoles, Costa Rica – these guys are not recommended as local friends.

When you spend considerable time in a place, it changes you.  You begin to take on some of the local perspectives and attitudes and practices.  You find yourself thinking differently; you hear yourself inserting words from the second language into your everyday conversations.  And all this growth can be fun and rewarding.

Quebec City, Canada

You won’t get that changing countries every two weeks.

Dart frog, Garabito, Costa Rica

But, if you rent for a period of time each year or buy a place (and perhaps use it as a vacation rental when you’re not there) in your adopted country, you can enjoy becoming a part of the local landscape – and get to know a place “up close and personal.”

Scarlet macaws, Costa Rica

It is travel … with roots … and it can be very satisfying.



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