What and Why: Part-Time Expat Living (Part 8: Political Reasons and Private Businesses)

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In this series of blogs, we have looked at a number of reasons why people become part-time expats.  Today, let’s look at two more.

There are times when the political climate or set of circumstances is such that people do not want to spend all of their time in their home country.  They long for a different mindset, a different frame of reference in thinking about the world and about life.  So, some part-time expats are spending half of their year (in various configurations of months and weeks) in another country or countries in an effort to experience these differences for prolonged periods.

During the last election in the U. S., for instance, it was not uncommon to hear something like, “If (candidate’s name) is elected, I’m moving to (fill in the country name).”  Strong opinions on both sides of the presidential election were expressed about the country’s course if one or the other was elected.

And, true to their word, there are people who have done just that.  They have moved to another country out of dislike for the direction that their country is going.  This happens all over the world and in many countries.  Sometimes it’s because of specific laws that are enacted and sometimes it is the general political climate led by certain leaders.

Regardless, it remains one of the reasons why people choose to live elsewhere, finding their adopted country(ies) refreshing in ways that others may not.

Another reason for part-time expat living is that a business is owned in the home country, and while it can function well for periods of time without the owner physically present, complete and permanent absence is not in the best interests of the business.  So, owners split their time between the two countries.  This allows them to keep a good handle on their businesses, while enjoying a more mobile and adventurous life at the same time.

… Two more reasons why people choose to live part of their lives abroad.


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  1. Yes, I’ve chatted with folks in Costa Rica who left the US for just that reason. It’s fascinating what prompts people to make certain decisions. That’s one reason I LOVE to travel … hearing all those stories!

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