The Vibrations of a Place

I’ve been on a trip…..

And that’s why I haven’t written for a while.  The trip was work-related for the first three weeks, and it was intense, but wonderful.  My attention needed to be onsite with me in The Philippines, India, and Myanmar.

Now, I’m taking some vacation time with my family in Vietnam and Indonesia (Bali), and I have time to reflect and think about how my recent experiences play into the whole part-time expat topic.

Whenever I am in another country, my mind immediately goes to this question:  “Could I live here?”

My wife and I have lived in four countries, and visited 54.  I’ve seen a good part of the world, though not nearly enough! And, as I encounter new places and cultures, whether it be for work or for adventure (sometimes they are the same), I immediately check things out and see how I would feel about living there.

I find myself not only looking at the obvious – the climate, the availability of goods, the communication possibilities (internet, phone, etc.), the language, the food, the culture, the prices, etc. – but also at the vibrations I feel from the place.  Everywhere I go, I can feel a certain wave or vibration of senses, of feeling, of attitude, of approach to life.

And that is what most often tells me, “Yes, I could live here.”  Or “No…..I don’t think so.”

If that wave or vibration doesn’t resonate with me, then it’s easy to determine that it isn’t a place for me. But, if the vibration resonates and feels right and comfortable, I know…’s a fit.  And that’s one reason why my wife and I are part-time expats in Costa Rica.  The vibe……”Pura Vida.”

On my recent trip that now includes five countries (I’m still enjoying Bali), I came across a number of places that I knew very early on were fits.  When that happens, I actually find myself saying spontaneously to those around me, “I could live here.”

Sometimes they look at me with odd expressions.  I just smile.

So, as you consider living overseas part-time, don’t forget to stop and check the vibrations of the places you’re thinking of moving to. Is there something about the place that just feels right and peaceful?  Or is there a feeling of uncomfortableness, a negative vibe?

The vibes of some places resonate with some people, but not with others.  You will know when the vibration is right.

Our inner spirits and the Spirit that is over and in and through all, are ready to help us know.

But we must listen and allow the vibration to surface.



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