jude-beck-0V_wq6o0a98-unsplashEveryone is writing about their New Years resolutions this week.  It’s hard not to jump on board.  My wife and I are reviewing last year and making some plans for this year.

I’m giving thought to what I want out of this year; what I’d like to do and accomplish, and where I want to grow spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically.

I don’t like resolutions.  “I resolve to……” just sounds so serious and boring.  Instead, this year I’m going to state “intentions.”

I like intentions because they seem more long-term, easy, and more attainable – like if I forget or drop the ball on one of my intentions, I can just keep going – it is an intention.  If I screw up on a resolution, it’s kind of like it’s over, and I think, “Well, that resolution didn’t work.”

But when I intend to do something, I can pick the ball back up and move toward the intention.


I thought it might be interesting to write some possible intentions for part-time expats for the next year.  I know you can’t write intentions for other people, but sometimes we all need a little jump start, a little push, to think in new ways or to take leaps of faith toward things that call us from our comfort zones.

So, here goes.  If you are a part-time expat, or you are thinking about being a part-time expat, you may find something here to add to your own personal “intentions” for 2020.

So, do any of these intentions resonate and vibrate within you?

I intend to . . .

—Explore possibilities.  andrew-neel-z55CR_d0ayg-unsplash

—Learn all I can about the country that interests me or the country I am living in.

—Make friends with people of different cultures and beliefs.

—Open my mind to other ways of doing things.

—Remember that I am a visitor in a chosen second country.

—Show respect and interest in the country’s people and culture by learning as much of the language as I can.

—Practice healthy living, including exercise and eating foods that will build and energize my body.

—Enjoy all that my chosen country offers me.

—Try new foods regularly.

mohammadhosein-mohebbi-L7kUjDr1EC4-unsplash—Observe differences customs, beliefs, and practices without passing judgment.

—Resist comparing every detail of life in another country to my home country.

—Seek out other expats for mutual support, friendship, and sharing of information.

—Have fun while engaging in cultural activities.

—Welcome each day’s experiences.

—Remember that living in another country is different than visiting it.

—Be patient with myself as I adjust and assimilate into the new culture.

—Learn the cycles of culture shock and allow myself to experience them.  (More on this in the future).

—Be grateful for the diversity of the world.

There are so many more intentions that you may want to think about that fit you and your situation.   You may want to pick a few of the above to get you started.  The important thing is that the intention resonates within you and gives you a spark internally when you think about what it might mean to your future.

Intentions start us down the path toward the things that give us fulfillment, enjoyment, and the happy, energetic vibration to enjoy every day to its fullest, contribute to the world, serve others, and connect with our Source .

By intending to experience, enjoy, and explore, you can find yourself in places you have only dreamed of.


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