Would You Sleep Here? (A Part-Time Expat Goes Exploring . . .)

When one lives overseas part-time, as opposed to vacationing, you have time to get to know a community and country with more depth.  You learn the very special places, the annual events, and the cultural festivals that make the country or community what it is.  You learn what makes the people and their lifestyle unique.

jaco beachRecently, I was in Jaco, Costa Rica, our second home, with my wife for a few weeks.  I noticed two interesting hotels in the community that have just cropped up during the last year or so.  I’d seen them around, but I had never investigated them.  So, I visited both, and I learned so much!  There is often so much science, information, and passion behind things we see and don’t pay much attention to.

The two hotels are very different from each other, but they share several qualities:  they are unique; they are innovative; and they are novel.

The first is Selina, a hostel (https://www.selina.com/jaco/) that has rooms made from large sewer or viaduct pipes.  These pipes are made in Costa Rica, and can be purchased through local hardware or construction supply companies.

These pipes which have become hotel rooms, have a double bed, air conditioning, shelving, electricity, and one end made of all glass (window/door).  As is common with hostels, guests share the restroom and shower facilities.

Watch the slide slow below to get a glimpse of these novel rooms.

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Folks at Selina tell me that they rent well, and people are curious about staying in these novel rooms.


The second place is called Bamboo Boutique Hotel. All of the rooms, offices, etc., are made of shipping containers.  These are standard shipping containers, purchased in Costa Rica.  (They are not special-made.)  All rooms have ample windows and light.  All come with beds, basic hotel room furniture, TV, and a private bathroom.  The style is minimalist, yet classy.  There are rooms that sleep two, three, or four guests, including one “apartment” room that has a kitchen and two bedrooms.


Cool again!

Ingenuity, creativity, and a sense of adventure are all present not only in the styles of both of these hotels, but also in the owners/developers who are willing to think outside the box in order to provide unique and memorable experiences for their guests.

If I had been a mere tourist in town, I’m sure I would not have taken my precious vacation time to explore these two interesting places in the community.  Living part-time overseas allows me that opportunity.  I can learn, experience, and enjoy the culture and country at my own pace, and I can target my interests.

Another fun reason to live overseas part-time.


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