Straddling Two Worlds

I am meeting the most interesting people!

I’m in the process of doing research for a book called Straddling Two Worlds (Part-Time Expats Share Their Stories). People from all over the world have been completing the research survey about their lives as part-time expats.

They are sharing experiences, advice, and details about their lives.  And . . . quite honestly, it is fascinating.


I’ve met folks who are young professionals, accountants, students, corporate executives, online teachers, rain forest scientists, retired folks, tour guides, property managers, chefs, oil rig workers, hotel managers, entrepreneurs, food experts . . . and the list is expanding daily.


As the research continues and the stories emerge, I’ll keep you informed about the upcoming book.

If you are considering living overseas part-time, you’ll want to get a copy.  Reading others’ experiences that relate to our own dreams and plans can really inspire and motivate us as we make decisions and take action toward a part-time lifestyle overseas.


If you are living overseas part-time yourself (or have done so in the past) and would like to participate in the survey, let me know with an email to, and I’ll gladly send you the survey.  Those who complete the survey also receive a copy of my ebook Quotes to Inspire, Encourage, and Motivate (For the Part-Time Expat).

This is Paul, a part-time expat, saying, “Stay tuned, and I’ll see you soon.”


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