The Life Cycle (Part-Time Expat Version)

The lifestyle of the part-time expat is a continuous cycle.  We just spent 2+ months in Costa Rica.  Now we are back in Indiana for seven weeks for the holidays and to enjoy our family.  We'll return to Costa Rica in February, and the cycle will continue at various intervals throughout the year. We live… Continue reading The Life Cycle (Part-Time Expat Version)

Help Is On the Way!

I am writing this from the beautiful Pacific beach town of Jaco, Costa Rica.  I just love this place.  For my wife and me, it has just the right combination of beach, Costa Rican culture, warm weather, friendly people, great food, available amenities, and reasonable cost of living.  More and more part-time and full-time expats… Continue reading Help Is On the Way!

Straddling Two Worlds

I am meeting the most interesting people! I’m in the process of doing research for a book called Straddling Two Worlds (Part-Time Expats Share Their Stories). People from all over the world have been completing the research survey about their lives as part-time expats. They are sharing experiences, advice, and details about their lives.  And… Continue reading Straddling Two Worlds

Is Part-Time Expat Living for Me? (Part 7: Choosing Where . . .)

For those considering living overseas part-time, selecting the place is one of the most important decisions to be made. In this blog, Paul Maxfield helps the reader get started on the journey to making that crucial decision.

Here Comes 2018

As I write, the New Year of 2018 is about 11 hours away (in my time zone).  My mind goes back to several New Years Dayscelebrated as expats in years past.  Since it is only 6 degrees Farenheit outside today, the one that is really dominating my memory is the New Years we spent on… Continue reading Here Comes 2018

#Expat Christmas

Our family has always had our Christmas celebration on Christmas Eve.  As I sat last night, with our five grandchildren, along with our two children and their spouses/fiances, I couldn’t help remember those 14 years when we spent Christmas outside our home country.  The circle of folks around the trees those years was usually very… Continue reading #Expat Christmas

The Latest Video Is Here……Why People Become Part-Time Expats –  Video #1 in a New Series…….

Inroducing a new video series - Why People Become Part-Time Epats.  In this first video, I talk about four reasons by people choose to live overseas part-time. You can also view this video on my youtube channel:  Aparttime Expat.  Click here: If you enjoy the video, please give me a thumbs up and subscribe… Continue reading The Latest Video Is Here……Why People Become Part-Time Expats –  Video #1 in a New Series…….