A Special Energy . . .

One of the things we like about Costa Rica is the vibe – the energy, the Pura Vida approach to life.  (Pura Vida is a Costa Rican term that means everything from “hello” to “all is well” to “life is good.”). When I am here, my mind slows down a bit, my perspective becomes a… Continue reading A Special Energy . . .

This Is Why!

People often ask my wife and me, "Why do you want to live part-time in Costa Rica?"  We usually share several reasons that have prompted us to make the decision.  But, today if someone asks me, I will say, "This is why!"  And I'll show them these two photos. The photo on the left is… Continue reading This Is Why!

Help Is On the Way!

I am writing this from the beautiful Pacific beach town of Jaco, Costa Rica.  I just love this place.  For my wife and me, it has just the right combination of beach, Costa Rican culture, warm weather, friendly people, great food, available amenities, and reasonable cost of living.  More and more part-time and full-time expats… Continue reading Help Is On the Way!

Straddling Two Worlds

I am meeting the most interesting people! I’m in the process of doing research for a book called Straddling Two Worlds (Part-Time Expats Share Their Stories). People from all over the world have been completing the research survey about their lives as part-time expats. They are sharing experiences, advice, and details about their lives.  And… Continue reading Straddling Two Worlds

Is Part-Time Expat Living for Me? (Part 7: Choosing Where . . .)

For those considering living overseas part-time, selecting the place is one of the most important decisions to be made. In this blog, Paul Maxfield helps the reader get started on the journey to making that crucial decision.

Meet Josh: A Young, Part-Time Expat

Josh reminded me that #livingoverseasparttime is for all ages. We met by chance at a popular local bakery that we quickly found was loved by both of us. Josh is about 19-20.  He is here on the Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica because he loves #surfing and beach life.  He goes back and forth… Continue reading Meet Josh: A Young, Part-Time Expat

The Latest Video Is Here……Why People Become Part-Time Expats –  Video #1 in a New Series…….

Inroducing a new video series - Why People Become Part-Time Epats.  In this first video, I talk about four reasons by people choose to live overseas part-time. You can also view this video on my youtube channel:  Aparttime Expat.  Click here:  https://youtu.be/0UyrQmSBUyQ If you enjoy the video, please give me a thumbs up and subscribe… Continue reading The Latest Video Is Here……Why People Become Part-Time Expats –  Video #1 in a New Series…….