A Special Energy . . .

One of the things we like about Costa Rica is the vibe – the energy, the Pura Vida approach to life.  (Pura Vida is a Costa Rican term that means everything from “hello” to “all is well” to “life is good.”). When I am here, my mind slows down a bit, my perspective becomes a little broader.  I’m not quite so frantic to get as much done as I can.  After all, life is good.  And it will all happen in its time.  Pura Vida.

Speaking of energy and vibe, the community we live in – Jaco – is a progressive place.  There is always something new moving in, always something new happening.  One of the things we like about Jaco is the energy, the vitality, and the desire to make this community something special.  The folks in this town want it to represent all the good that is found in the phrase “Pura Vida.”

In recent years, large colorful murals have been painted on many of the prominent buildings.  They have been done by renowned mural artists, and are amazing!  They are a feast of color and talent, and they make Jaco vibrant.

Another effort has been the planting of almond trees in certain places on the beach.  These are not only for beauty, but to draw the scarlet macaws, since they feed off the almonds.  Scarlet macaws are growing in number here.  Just yesterday, we saw eight (8) in a tree just outside our condo.  Their brilliant colors catch the eye, and their graceful movements make you want to soar along with them.

And here’s a unique approach. The utility poles on the main street are taking on lives of their own.  A group of citizens in town is painting the utility poles in brilliant colors, depicting animals and plants indicative of the area.  This will be an ongoing project for a while – they still have a lot of poles to paint – but it is already making Avenida Pastor Diaz (main street) more interesting and charming.

Groups regularly meet to clean the beach.  People come out, don their gloves, and comb the beach, cleaning, picking up any trash, and making the beach even more attractive than it usually is.


One of the joys of being part-time expats is the ability to get to know a community in another country well.  We look forward to learning more and more as we are here for much longer periods of time.


Jaco – your energy draws us, and your community spirit inspires us.


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  1. Yes, Jaco is a truly special place. It’s wonderful to see all the families enjoying the beach! (Even in the rainy season! Ha!)

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