People Helping People

I’ve shared in previous blogs about the energy and spirit of Jaco, Costa Rica.  Today, I’d like to share about a group of people in the community who are intent on helping people, serving the community, and honoring their Creator in the process.

We became acquainted with Horizon Church several years ago when we began coming to Jaco regularly.  It is a non-denominational church with a heart for the community.  We are inspired by the ways this group serves others regardless of religious backgrounds, race, economic status, or any other measurement by which we separate ourselves.

Wednesday evenings finds the homeless in Jaco being fed a free meal in the city park.  Church members are there handing out food, chatting with the diners, and offering encouragement and a helping hand.

A food bank at the church provides ongoing meal support to families in the community who are in a tough spot.  The bank is fully stocked by individual donations from people who want to be of help.  Folks in the community know that if you’re hungry and have no resources, Horizon will feed you with a smile and a handshake.

Youth and children’s programs each week offer friendship, spiritual nurture, recreational activities, and safety for young folks.  A newly constructed outdoor, covered recreational area offers a safe place for a pickup game of basketball or children’s activities.  The group also dreams of a youth center where young people can come to hang out, chat, play games, and have a safe place to do so with folks who care.

There is a group within the church that is working to have an impact on human trafficking in Costa Rica, especially in Jaco.  They are tied to a national effort, and want to make sure that Jaco is even safer for everyone.

This coming Sunday will be Soup and Showers Day at Horizon.  This is offered to members of the the community, particularly the homeless or down and out. People can come and get a hot shower, enjoy soup and other foods, get a free haircut, and check out the free clothes offered.

A prenatal center was planned and built into the new church building.  This offers support to mothers, particularly single mothers with little resources or family support.  Baby care and parenting classes, free pregnancy tests, free ultrasounds, baby clothes and supplies, and emotional and spiritual support are all offered weekly through the prenatal center.  Through their participation in the classes, counseling, etc., mothers earn points that can be spent for clothes, baby supplies, etc.  But most of all, they are loved, supported, and encouraged in their parenting and spiritual journeys.

We are inspired by the love this church has for the community.  It is refreshing to see people genuinely love others without expectations.  Thank you, Horizon Church, for being such a vital outpost of hope and love in Jaco. (


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