Friday Feria – Farmers’ Market Fun

I just love the Friday morning Farmers’ Market – known in Costa Rica as “The Feria.”  All over the country, these markets are held in communities large and small.  Farmers and vendors from the surrounding areas bring in their produce, baked goods, special products, and anything else they want to sell,  set up their wares, and welcome the local residents.

Our feria in Jaco is just plain fun.  Quality of produce is very high, and prices are reasonable.  People gather and chat as they shop.  One favorite natural drink is Agua pipa – see below – coconut water waiting to be enjoyed. If you’d like to know more about agua pipa, click here:

In one corner, you can sit down and have a home-cooked breakfast (gallo pinto/rice and beans, eggs, toast, fruit, etc.)


In another corner, you can pick up delicious baked goods made by a Mennonite community:  pies, breads, turnovers, jams, etc.  Today we tried the cinnamon rolls.  Not as good as my mother’s, but absolutely mouth-watering and delicious.

One of my favorite stops is the bagel stand.  A local guy bakes bagels each week and sells them – you an get a bagel with “everything”, cheese, jalapeno and cheese, sesame seed, poppy seed, rye, cinnamon and raisin, and blueberry and cranberry.  They are all made fresh.

I have a favorite fruit vendor.  Each week, he selects papayas and pineapples for me.  They are always delicious!  Last week he taught me how to tell if a pineapple has a bruise inside.


Our favorite vegetable stop throws in 5 or 6 bananas for free each week just to reward our loyalty – and to build it at the same time.  I love getting those free bananas.

Christmas is just around the corner, and since Costa Ricans do not celebrate the US Thanksgiving holiday, we are already seeing and hearing Christmas reminders everywhere.  Today, at the Feria there were Christmas trees and wreaths for sale, as well as special gift items that could be Christmas gifts for loved ones.

And, since its mamon (rambutan) season, don’t forget to pick up a bag of this tasty fruit (below)!  For more information on this fruit, click here:  

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the photo at the top of the blog, this is a favorite of Costa Ricans – pejibaye.  Click here to learn about pejibaye:



Friday fun at its best.     Come, visit!


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