It’s Not Too Late

I meet the most interesting people during my morning walks on the beach.  As I’m looking for and collecting sea glass, I often strike up conversations with people who are    walking the beach, too.  Some of them are local Costa Ricans, some are tourists, and some are expats, either full-time or part-time.

Yesterday, I met the most interesting couple.  They are from Denmark.  They have been in Costa Rica for perhaps 10 days or so.  When I asked where they have traveled to in Costa Rica, they eagerly mentioned Monteverde (cloud forest) and Volcan Arenal in San Carlos.  Both of these places are amazing!

They have been in Jaco for several days, and the heat is something they are not used to in Denmark.  They are applying sun block and wearing hats and sleeves.  And they are sweating! The husband took a few surfing lessons the day before, and he was very proud that he got up on the board for a bit.  I was impressed.  Not everyone can do that quickly.

They were very interested in the fact that we live here in Jaco.  We chatted about the town, the beach, sea glass, etc.

As we began to part, I quickly asked one more question:  “Why did you choose to come to Costa Rica?”

The answer was so interesting.  The wife shared with me that when she was 10 years old she attended an international children’s camp in Denmark.  There were children from all over the world.  There was a group attending from Costa Rica, and she became friends with some of the girls in the group.  Since then, she has always wanted to visit Costa Rica.  Through the years, she has kept in contact with these girls (over 30 years now), and while she has been here, she has been able to meet them.  She was so joyful over this experience.

It just goes to show that childhood experiences and relationships as well as connections throughout our lives can affect us forever.

So, I’m wondering.

What place is hiding back there in your mind that you’ve always wanted to visit?

Was there someone you met long ago that piqued your interest in a place?

Did you watch a TV show that highlighted a place that fascinated you?


Did you travel somewhere earlier in life, and you’ve always wanted to go back?

Did you have a pen pal in another country, and you’ve always wanted to visit?

Is there a type of food you love, and you’ve always wanted to visit the country?

It’s not too late to go there.

The couple from Denmark can attest to that.

Until next time . . .

Paul, A Part-Time Expat

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