This Is Why!

People often ask my wife and me, “Why do you want to live part-time in Costa Rica?”  We usually share several reasons that have prompted us to make the decision.  But, today if someone asks me, I will say, “This is why!”  And I’ll show them these two photos.

The photo on the left is from the deck of the house we are moving to in Central Indiana.  The home sits right next to a lake. I took the photo yesterday.  Much of the lake is frozen over, and I had to shovel the walkway and the steps yesterday. (Yes, it is a color photograph!)

The photo on the right was taken from our balcony patio in Jaco, Costa Rica, in December.  I sat down with a cold beverage and took in the view!

Now, I do want to make it known that I enjoy the beauty of the snow!  There is a quiet, peaceful beauty about the winter landscape that I do love – for a few days a year.  However, in some parts of the world there just seems to be a miscalculation of how long winter should actually be!  LOL  In my mind, one good snowfall that lasts for a few days meets my needs, and then let’s just get back to warm weather.  I appreciate the winter, but honestly, I appreciate it more from a distance.

Many people disagree.  Some folks leave the warmth purposefully and come north for the winter.  They love to ski, go sledding, and drink coffee in warm hideaways for days on end.  I get that.  I really do.

But, I’ll take the warm, tropical beach.  But I’ll also take my children and grandchildren who live in Indiana – so that’s why we’re part-time expats.  Because we love our family and want to spend quality time with them – and we also love the warmth, beauty, culture, flora, wildlife (I love those green free frogs), and the Pura Vida that Costa Rica offers.

Everyone has their reasons for considering being part-time expats.  I’d love to hear your reasons.  Feel free to comment here or email me at

jaco clouds
North End of Jaco Beach, Costa Rica

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  1. Haha! Totally get it … and of course, right there with you! Can’t wait to go south again in a couple of weeks! 🙂

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