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I am writing this from the beautiful Pacific beach town of Jaco, Costa Rica.  I just love this place.  For my wife and me, it has just the right combination of beach, Costa Rican culture, warm weather, friendly people, great food, available amenities, and reasonable cost of living.  More and more part-time and full-time expats are discovering this jewel on the Pacific.  And it is not uncommon to run into people here who are checking it out, thinking about moving here part-time or full-time.

Jaco in the morning pic

It’s about 7:00 am, and I just took this picture from my veranda……….now, that’s a breakfast view!

Perhaps you are just at that stage of considering.  Wondering.  Doing your research.

Today I’d like to direct you to some resources that I believe will prove beneficial to you in your “considering” stage.  My products page has a good selection of books about the expat life, making the decision to go abroad, living part-time and full-time abroad, preparing for the move, weighing the location options, etc.

Or, if you have already made your major decisions, these resources will help you as plan, move, and live in your own part-time expat haven.

On the products page, just click on an item to learn more about it.  It will take you directly to the information.  If you decide to purchase an item, you can do so right there.

Why not click here and check out others’ experiences, stories, advice, and information.

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